Choosing a Color for Your Wedding Dress

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Choosing a Color for Your Wedding DressThe most traditional Western wedding dresses come in all different shades of white, each of these different colors more for different skin tones and tastes. However, the more adventurous can now find more colorful options on the market too, ideal for standing out from the pack and celebrating a truly unique wedding.

Many major brands such as Marisa and Allure bridal wedding dresses have several different shades of white for you to consider first, as you may well find that going down the traditional route is better for you. If you do this, simply be aware that there will be better shades to suit your natural coloring.

It is often recommended that very fair skinned brides choose more ivory shades in their wedding gowns, since dark skinned women can opt for almost every shade of white for their dress. Skins with yellow undertones often do very well with pure white dresses, and tanned skins look particularly nice with richer, cream colored whites.

This is just a brief guide to whites that you can wear, so try out a few of the


Plus Size Dresses and the Bridesmaid

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Plus Size Dresses and the BridesmaidEvery bride wants her day to be perfect, and for her bridesmaids to look fabulous. But what if your friends range from a size 2 to a size 20? You will need to find plus size dresses and straight dresses which look good on all of your friends. This can be a challenge, but with some creativity and scouting around, you can find a bridesmaid style that will look great on all of your bridesmaids.

An empire style dress looks good on plus size figures and straight size. The raised waist gives the illusion of a smaller waist and the skirt falls flatteringly over the hips and thighs. Another pretty choice is the fit and flair style. Plus size dresses in this style are popular with retro themed weddings. A fit and flare dress has a fitted bodice and full skirt. This style of dress was very popular in the 1950’s. A wide contrasting belt adds to the illusion of a smaller waist. Fit and flare dresses flatter both full size and straight size figures.

The length of your bridesmaid’s dresses will be


What You Need To Know About Diamond Wedding Rings

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What You Need To Know About Diamond Wedding RingsDiamonds are commonly associated with engagement rings, but the fact is they are also widely featured on wedding rings. If you have settled for diamond wedding bands, then you would need to find out everything there is to a good quality diamond so that you can get value for the money you spend on the rings. The four C’s of diamond selection should be your guide to getting the very best for your big day.

1. Color – Diamonds are colorless or near colorless with shades of brown or yellow in some cases. A completely colorless diamond is more valuable and desirable compared to one that has yellow hints. If you love some color though, you can still choose the slightly yellow diamonds for your band considering that not all diamonds will be colorless.

2. Carat – The carat of the diamond measures weight and not the size of the diamond as many people think. Large carat weight adds value to the diamond and so they tend to be costlier than those


Three Reasons to Hire Luxury Toilets for Your Wedding

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As fantastic as they are, weddings are a stressful and expensive business, that take weeks and months of planning, with the average ceremony costing as much as £20,500 according to

With so much time spent sorting out the venue, the food, the entertainment and of course, the dress, it’s understandable that some of the other details can often fall by the wayside.

However, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then something which you certainly can’t afford to neglect is the toilet situation.

We know, it’s hardly the most glamorous aspect of your big day, but failing to get it right can have a disastrous effect on your event and leave your guests talking about it for all the wrong reasons.

But don’t just opt for those disgusting portable loos! Here are three reasons why you should go the extra mile and hire out some luxury toilets for your big day.


Luxury portable toilets are truly a million miles away from the blue cubicles that you might be used to seeing at music festivals and other outdoor events.

Instead, luxury loos will make you feel like you’re in a

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Factors to Consider When Using a Wedding Dress Box

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Buying a wedding dress is a big investment. Gowns cost a lot of money and you will probably spend a small fortune to buy yours. That is why it is important that you store your gown well after the wedding. Improper storage can cause the dress to become discolored or faded or damaged. One of the best ways to store your gown is by using a wedding dress box. There are various things that you should keep in mind when using these boxes to ensure that your dress stays in good condition.

  • Use a box that has been made from acid free materials. Do not use the regular card board boxes to store the dress as these boxes are acidic. Acid will cause the dress to turn yellow. It is also advisable to stuff the gown with acid free tissue. Doing this will enable the gown to retain its shape. It will also prevent the fiber on the fabric from disintegrating. Do not forget to stuff the arms as well. Make sure to wrap up the whole dress with the acid free tissue. No


Things To Do To Create The Perfect Wedding Album

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Wedding photo albums are real treasures that keep memories alive. When you have a carefully designed and organized album, you will love going over your big day and sharing your best moments with friends and family. You will enjoy the album every time you bring it out and a few assembling tips can help you create the perfect one to enjoy and share with loved ones.

1. Do pick favorite wedding photos. The fact is that not all photos taken on your big day will end up in your album. Choose the photos you feel you cannot do without and make them part of your valuable collection.

2. Do include captions for the photos. This is one of the easiest ways of giving a story using the photo album. However, captions can create visual clutter and you therefore want to lay out the photos appropriately so that you have enough space for a necessary caption without leaving your pages too crowded.

3. Do arrange the photos chronologically. An album that sort of tells the story from the bridal party getting ready to the ceremony and evening party is a great item indeed. You can choose


Tips For Avoiding Wedding Planning Stress

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Every bride has good intentions when she starts planning her wedding. You envision a beautiful day, surrounded by your family and friends, bursting with happiness and taking in all of the gorgeous details. No bride ever anticipates the pressure that can come with planning such an important day, but it’s inevitable. Everybody feels stressed at some point during their daily lives, and adding wedding planning to your already busy life can be overwhelming.

Remember that you set the tone for the wedding day and the months leading up to it. Those around you will feed off of your energy and if you are stressed, they will feel stressed. Starting off on the right track will not only keep your stress to a minimum, but the stress of the people around you as well.

So how do you get from engaged to I do without losing your mind? Here are some tips for feeling calm and balanced during the wedding planning process.

Have a Plan

The best way to avoid any stress during wedding planning is to start off with a good plan. You and your fiancé must first decide on the type of wedding

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding photos are something that you’re going to treasure for the rest of your life, so it stands to reason that you should want the best wedding photographer you can get. But how do you know who to go to when it seems like on every corner there’s a wedding photographer? In particular,being such an enormous city and a hub of businesses, is difficult to navigate due to the sheer mass of photography businesses. So, what’s a newly engaged couple to do? Here are a few tips to help you make your decision and come out of your photographer search with satisfying results.

First, you should always take a look at the photographer’s past work. Check out the photographer’s portfolio on their website, and see how versatile they can be. Do the couples in the photos look natural and happy, or are the photos awkward and forced-looking? Speaking of the couples in the photographer’s portfolio, another way to see if a wedding photographer is as good as they seem is to check in with their past clients. Have the couples they’ve photographed before been satisfied? Were there any problems? You can definitely ask a photography company


Friend of the Bride Wedding Speech

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A wedding is a ceremony where a man and a woman come together to exchange wedding vows. Some guests are asked to give wedding speeches. One of them could be a friend of the bride wedding speech. This is normally the best friend of the bride. The friend of the bride usually gives a short wedding speech at the wedding and is mainly about the bride. This is to provide information about her to the guests.

The friend of the bride wedding speech can be in two forms. She can do this by writing the information on cue cards and referring to them as she talks or she can decide to speak from her memories of the bride. People listening to wedding ceremony speeches expect only the best man to be humorous, but the friend of the bride can decide to use comedy in her friend of the bride wedding speech as well. This is especially useful if the friend of the bride has been friends with the bride from childhood.

There are useful tips on helping one write their friend of the bride wedding speech. One is formulating a plan. This helps analyzing and outlining


Father of the Bride Sample Speeches

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Looking at father of the bride sample speeches can be a great starting point when trying to figure out how to say what one is feeling on this special day. Traditionally the first speech at the reception, the father of the bride will welcome guests and thank everyone for their part in his daughter’s big day. A good time to compliment the beauty of the ladies in the wedding party as well as introduce the head table to the guests, the father of the bride sets the tone for the celebration by starting the event. Gratitude is also highlighted in his speech, for the attendance of the guests as well as the work of those who made the events possible.

Set the Tone With a Witty, Well Planned Speech

A look at father of the bride sample speeches will show how other fathers have set the tone for a joyous celebration of their daughter’s marriage. The father of the bride has many duties on her big day. By planning ahead and having a clear idea of what he would like to say when it comes time, his speech does not have to be one of those


Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

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If you’re a fan of the TV series Friends, you must remember how excited Monica was after she was engaged to Chandler and how smart she was to throw the question that who’s gonna be her maid of honor to Phoebe and Rachel. Asking your girls that one big question is almost as exciting as getting engaged but sometimes can be tricky too. So we’ve rounded up some creative ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid and make the moment you pop the question more meaningful to them.

1. Homemade Cookies

Customize cookies with letters that will lead your girls to figure out the “will you be my bridesmaid” message.

2. Chocolate

No one can resist the temptation of a delicate pack of chocolate. Get the message carved on the chocolate and it’ll get clearly delivered in a sweet way.

3. Wine Bottle

Customize the wine bottle with a printed photo of you two together and send it as a gift. Thinking about the happy moments you’ve been together, she’s gonna say yes.

4. Wine Glass

If you’re planning to pop the question at your engagement party, swap out

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Step by Step Guide to Plan Your Wedding

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Plan your budget

While planning your wedding, you must have a clear cut idea about how much you can afford to spend. Based on the budget you should finalize the venue and caterers. Some couples fund their own wedding while in some cases parents will share the budget. There are also some parents who fund the entire event. But whatever the case you must fix a budget before finalizing other things.

Find your perfect wedding venue

The second important thing is to plan and finalize your wedding venue. People book venues almost one year in advance. The wedding date depends a lot on the availability of the venue. So you must finalize the venue without any delay. After booking the reception venue, you must decide where you will be spending your first night as a couple. If your wedding reception is not happening in a place with hotel facilities you will have to book a hotel room in advance.

Buy wedding insurance

Wedding is an expensive affair. There are a lot of expenses, from wedding rings, wedding dress, to catering and other wedding essentials; they will cost you a lot. It is better


Choosing the Best Grandmother of the Bride Dresses and Outfits

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Grandmother of the bride dresses are an important consideration when planning a wedding. Grandmothers hold a special place in their granddaughter’s hearts and lives and it is important they look and feel beautiful on their granddaughter’s big day. Considerations for her comfort, ease of wear and her fashion sense should be paid when you consult any mother of the bride outfits guide for shopping tips, locations and ideas when selecting a grandmother of the bride dress. Keeping those things in mind will help you focus your shopping so you do not waste valuable time and energy.

Grandmother of the bride dresses are available in many different styles, silhouettes, colors, patterns, fabrics, and lengths. Whether the wedding is a formal evening event complete with black tie dress attire or a casual elegant beach side gathering, there is a dress simply perfect for the grandmother of the bride in today’s bridal attire offerings. Whether you decide to shop in your favorite local dress boutique, in a national department store or online, you will be pleased with the wide selection of mother of the bride dresses and options available for all the women in the bridal party. Gone are the


Mixing Wedding Jewelery With Your Dress and Hairstyle

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Weddings are very special and truly memorable occasions. And since you don’t want to look mediocre on this special event, you’ll surely do all you could to look perfect and wear the appropriate jewelry for this day. According to seasoned wedding planners, you need to plan your budget in advance, so that you will be able to choose and buy only the appropriate wedding jewelry for this day. If you can’t decide on which to buy, you may ask for assistance from an established wedding planner, who will most likely refer you to a jewelry designer who would design the pieces according to your preferences and tastes. So, even if you do not have a large budget for this expense, with a little innovation and some good advice from the experts, you still can get the best jewelry for this memorable day.

It’s a common notion that although most eyes will focus on the either unique shine, or drab look, of your wedding ring, the other wedding jewelry you wear will also help to prop up your bridal look. Though it would depend on your personal choices, the style of your dress or the flair of your


Here Is How to Avoid Chaos and Confusion at Your Wedding Reception

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“When an undertaking hath been committed to many, it caused but confusion”

Sir Balthazar Gerbier

On a Saturday in July of 2012 I had just finished setting up for a reception and I took a moment to look out over the beautifully set ballroom. Everything looked great and the room layout was perfect. I couldn’t help but to feel a jolt of excitement knowing that this had all the potential to be one heck of a reception. As I anticipated the arrival of the bride, groom and guests the venue manager walked over to me with her clip board in hand. She kindly introduced herself to me and we shook hands. After our brief salutations she asked if I had a moment to compare our notes for the bride and grooms plans and agenda for the reception. Absolutely I did so we both took out our notes and started to compare our order and list of events.

The first item on my list was the arrival and announcement of the Bride and Groom. I was happy to see that the venue manager had the same on her

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Elegant Wedding Dresses and Accessories

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Most women dream of having an elegant wedding dress for their special day from the time that they are young girls. When it comes time to begin shopping for a dress, however, they may feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of wedding dresses and accessories to choose from. How can you be sure that your dress and accessories are the epitome of elegance?

Finding the perfect wedding dress and the right accessories will depend largely on your individual taste. But by understanding the different styles and options that are available, it will be much easier for you to find elegant wedding dresses and accessories that live up to your childhood dreams.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

There are a number of different dress silhouettes to choose from. A-line dresses provide a classic silhouette that is timeless and elegant, with a flared skirt and a narrow top. Ball gown style wedding dresses feature a fitted bodice and a large, full skirt that brings to mind fairytales and old-world romance. Empire waists cinch close below the bust to allow for a longer skirt, while dropped waists cinch closer to the hips in to create a longer torso silhouette.

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Great Ideas for Wedding Car Decorations

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Whether you are providing your own vehicle for your wedding or instead are looking at hiring classic wedding cars for the occasion, having your vehicle decorated beautifully can make a big difference on your big day. These not only make the journey to and from the event extra special, but they also provide a memorable experience for everyone attending your wedding too.

Many people look to make an impression by hiring double decker buses or classic wedding cars for their event, and even though these vehicles are already special in their own right, well thought-out and beautiful decorations can still add an extra touch that will help make your day unforgettable in all the right ways.

The first suggestion for a great wedding decoration is the ‘Just Married’ sign, which can be designed to the couple’s particular tastes and preferences. This sign is almost essential for the bride and groom’s transport, and is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add a special touch to your wedding transportation.

This sign can be placed in the rear window of the vehicle with a suction cup to hold it in place, or can instead be


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress and Gown

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Every bride would want to look their best during their wedding. It is with such purpose that many brides will go to any length to get the appropriate wedding dress and wedding gown befitting this occasion. The fact that the bride is the centre of attention at many a wedding serves to increase the pressure somewhat.

For the reason that one only buys after deciding the perfect wedding dress and gown to wear for their wedding, choosing these two is one of bride’s greatest decisions. Future brides should consider several factors as they seek to make the correct decision on the gown to acquire.

One important aspect is that the wedding gown choice they make will be heavily influenced by their personal taste. Furthermore, it will also depend on the appearance and impact that they desire to make on their wedding day. Similarly, they will have to consider the amount of money it will cost them to get their wedding dress without upsetting the scales in their wedding budget. It is also important for the bride to consider the theme they select for their wedding, which will be supported by the choice of wedding dress more


Romantic Proposal Ideas

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It’s the month of love and we all want to be romantic. If you have been with your girlfriend for a year or two, then you are probably thinking of popping the question. You want to be romantic and the proposal needs to be memorable. It should also ensure that she says yes.

Here are five romantic proposal ideas.

  1. Take your girlfriend on a sunset drive. This one is great for the element of surprise. She won’t suspect a thing, especially if you tell her that you just want to get bread for the next day. Drive her to a high point where you can see the whole city or where you can look out on a mountain or a large forestry area. My friend pulled over on the side of a road, there was a make-shift parking area so they were safe, and looked over the mother city. Tell your girlfriend how you feel about her. At this point the sunset should be glowing reddish orange. Take out the ring and ask her to marry you. The moment will be overwhelming for her because it’s unexpected. But she’ll, surely, say yes.
  2. Go to a botanical

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Engagement Parties What Makes Them So Outrageously Special

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Engagement Parties are not only for fun and entertainment, but also a way of socializing and eating together. When my sister was getting engaged, the preparations and decorations that actually led to the party are still very much indelible in my memory. What makes an engagement party so glamorously special and memorable? Read on to find out!

My sister and I were at the parlor getting dressed. While I wore a burgundy saree, my sister wore a red one. I wore burgundy roses in my hair and had make-up fixed by the hairdresser. My sister took a long time getting dressed – she had her nails done, her hair and her face decorated beautifully – so she looked like a beautiful bride-to-be at the end of the process. Her Prince Charming was abroad and his mom had come out with the proposal of engagement while she was here with her remaining family.

After my sister and I were fully dressed, we drove a long way back home near about which in a restaurant was held the actual party.

Our mom had come and relatives started arriving. The video armed man started taking videos of all